Monday, November 18, 2019

Latin America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Latin America - Essay Example Indigenous culture of the South Americans originates from the Incan empire. This empire was established in the year 1438 in the city of Andean for a period of 100 years. Communication was made easier in this region through the building of an expansive network of roads. The Incas built ports, signal towers and food storage facilities along this highway. This allowed the Incas to dominate the western part of the continent. Cultural landscape of South America changed immediately after the importation of African slaves. Most of the African slaves were brought to Brazil. This led to the integration of the African culture to that of indigenous Indian beliefs. Other historical cultures developed with both physical and cultural landscape (Keen & Haynes, 2012). Cowboy culture developed in pampas in the mid 18th century where they hunted herds’ of horses and cattle that roamed freely in the land (Un-Habitat, 2012). The rich history of South America is explored by contemporary cultures. Many organizations are trying to bring audience globally in order to spread social and political messages that will generate revenue from tourism and investment. The aim of these organizations is to ensure sustainable development in South America. Currently they are working on issues like environmental legislation, leadership training and cultural representation. Religious practices remain the stronghold of many South American cultures. Catholicism has dominated the entire continent while other spiritual beliefs dominate the secular activities. Carnival of Reo De Janeiro is an important secular practice that is celebrated 40 days before Easter. This is an important event in the catholic calendar and one of the largest revenue-generating events in Reo (Keen & Haynes, 2012). The Rio carnival is an important event in South America because it attracts many Brazilians and foreigners. During this time, the hotel

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