Saturday, February 1, 2020

On-site water Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

On-site water - Assignment Example In context of developing and underdeveloped nations it is often seen that public supply of water is impaired by structural problems emerging within the social fabric. In order to rectify such malfunctioning in water distribution system that the governance of a host of public resources has been transferred to the hands of the private sector. The public resources transferred to private hands also stands for the transfer of water resources. Water Resources though are economic goods also have social values. In the light of changing environment and population growth water resources needs not only to be properly managed but also to be effectively organized for bettering up of life standards. (Ocal & Dogan, n.d.) To understand the problems arising from the mismanagement of water resources the paper tries to focus on water distribution and supply management in context of developing economies like India. The Indian economy has the potential to be an agrarian economy. In the last few decades the development of agriculture has helped to make India self sufficient in terms of food grains. The development of agriculture in the country can mostly be attributed to the development of irrigation activities. Public demand for water is not only restricted to agricultural activities. Rather, it is observed that the demand for water in non-agricultural framework is increasing rapidly. The water-laden regions of India can be categorized into 19 essential drainage basins, according to their per capita water supply. The demand for water also is seen varying by the side of these riverbeds. A statistics reveal that the valley of river Indus and Ganga share 48 percent of the total population of India. The water drawn from these sources is mainly used for agricultural purposes. (Amarasinghe, N.D., p. 6). It is in this light that the paper tends to highlight on points like the trends of water usage, demand for

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